As many readers have guessed, today is Caturday. Here are just a few of the kitties whose pets read Jezebel! (Don't see your cat here? Feel free to add a kitty picture in the comments!)

"This is Phinney. He doesn't like the amount of time I spend on Jezebel." — la.donna.pietra

"Domino says: I'm not fat, just big-boned. And I do not appreciate you suggesting otherwise." — audioblitz13

"Here's a picture of my big dumb baby Sam. She looks like a cat, but I'm pretty sure she's a dog. She loves to chase ice cubes all over the kitchen floor, fetches toys, and growls at the door when someone unfamiliar drives up. She also waits for us and paws at the glass and meows until we come inside. Best kitty ever." —Cafezinha

"Nimbus, aka Nimby la Buskin: He cuddles, talks, and is a loveable troublemaker… Constant debate rages on regarding whether the markings on his nose look like a penis and balls or a space shuttle. Maybe you and the Jezzies can help settle the debate for me (incidentally, I come down on the space shuttle side)." — Dorilys

"Boo! She rules the house, and she knows it. She thinks she's a stealthninja kitty (she tries to slowly ooze her way onto my lap when i'm on my laptop), but that's hard when you're 12 pounds of Boo love. i also call her my Possibly Purebred Princess Pookie, 'cos a former breeder told me she looks like she's at least part Maine Coon if not all. I haven't told her though; don't want her to get a big head."

Tybalt (the pissy older guy) and Romy (the kitten). I adopted Romy this summer to be Tybalt's friend – and to give them obnoxious Shakespearean matchy names – and they love each other like siblings…who like to annoy the shit out of each other. — annebreal

"Here is Blair, also known as Blair-Blair, also known as Blairy Blairy Quite Contrary, also known as Ms. Kitty, also known as Kittyface. I forced her to be an Egyptian kitty last year. She was not happy." —AllTheWay_Mae

"The black one is Dracula, the tabby is Strigoi. It is also Strigoi's birthday today, so he heartily approves of this." — girlarchaeologist

Professor Shorthair. He's about five months old. Here he is dancing. — bangers

"The dark-furred cross eyed one who shows up in weird places is Oliver and he likes to eat avocado, kidney beans, watermelon, and tortilla chips. He also likes to snuggle with his brothers Finn and Cody (with the white). Yay! — Alexis

"One of my cats with her "bitch, plz!" look." — Velma-notDaphne

"Andromeda, AniFurr, thinks the bathroom sink makes a great catbed" — Laura

"i couldnt NOT submit my little bro keith olbermann (cat) in his tie." — Meghan

Frankie the Cat (aka Frankenstein). Picture is a little bizarre because he was moving his head as I was taking the picture, but I think it is fitting because of his personality (alternately vicious and sweet). — panther61

"My baby boy, Otto. He lives a very luxurious life. Yes, that's his very own chaise lounge that he barely fits on because he weighs almost 30 lbs. Every morning he hops onto the bathroom sink while I'm getting ready and nudges me until I kiss his head." — Taylor

"Here is Ned, dressed up in his owl costume." — Jessica

"It's hard to be a kitteh..." — jilliebean

"Here are Penny (Pen-Pen, Penelope, Penelope Jane, Crazy Lady, Batgirl, the flash, the ninja) and Linus (the fat gray one, stinky, the deputy, the Dr. of cuddles, little man).


When Penny is not scaling up the sides of bookcases, crawling up in chimneys, killing bugs, playing with milk rings, or running around at full force, she also likes to insert herself as a model for my
boyfriend's perspective drawings.

Linus loves sinks. If he is unable to hide under a bed, the sink is the place he goes to when he is nervous. We just moved, now he has 3 different sinks he is trying out. He has yet to make a decision as to which is the best." —Desiree

Cat came from the shelter named T-Bone (other names in the litter: sirloin, filet) so we affectionately call him Boner. Woody seemed like the obvious name for the dog when he arrived.

"This is my cat Oliver. He is 13 years old and frequently makes this "bish, plz" type face because he's an old man and wants those kids off his lawn." — CollegeCamel