OMG: Celebrity catfight!

And the nominees are…

Cheezburger Cat
Pros: CEO and founder of a really awesome blog.
Cons: Sort of a one-trick pony, if you will.

Josie & The Pussycats
Pros: Talented, entertaining.
Cons: Have you heard the music?

Pros: Strong-minded, snarky.
Cons: Sometimes "finicky" just means "irritable malcontent."

Pros: Wisecracks, comedic timing.
Cons: Bad neighbor.

Pros: Unapologetically lazy, big fan of lasagna.
Cons: Cruelty towards dogs.

Hello Kitty
Pros: Adorable international marketing genius.
Cons: Mute! Must a powerful cat be seen but not heard?

Catwoman, as played by Eartha Kitt
Pros: Incomparable badassery, exquisite purring.
Cons: Usually loses to the so-called good guys.

Catwoman, as played by Julie Newmar
Pros: Sex kitten with a wicked streak.
Cons: Usually loses to the so-called good guys.

Pros: Wiity, snarky, mischievous; this extensive Wikipedia entry can fill you in!
Cons: Has yet to take over the world.

Pros: Ambitious. Courageously goes after what he wants.
Cons: Invariably fails.

Tony The Tiger
Pros: Makes a delicious breakfast, possesses an impressive growl.
Cons: A sugar high fades quickly.

The Pink Panther
Pros: Sexy theme music.
Cons: Became associated with incredibly crappy movie starring Steve Martin.

The Cat In The Hat
Pros: Accessorizes with aplomb; interested in early education.
Cons: Must every thing rhyme? Each and every time?

Pros: Cheerleaders with some kind of powers? I forget. There's a chant with the word "ho" in it.
Cons: Those outfits.

Pros: Dedication to devouring fowl unprecedented. Achieved fame despite speech impediment.
Cons: Can be a bit of a fraidy cat.

Pros: Reppin' the old school, keeping Chaplin-era comedy alive.
Cons: Often overlooked for more colorful characters.

Mr. Bigglesworth
Pros: Involved in high-level world politics and domination schemes.
Cons: Just a prop.

Godfather cat
Pros: Touched by Marlon Brando!
Cons: We'd tell you but then we'd end up sleeping with the fishes.

Chester Cheetah
Pros: Shills some really delicious snacks.
Cons: Leaves orange residue on your fingers. Also, it's cheesy being easy.

The Cowardly Lion
Pros: Will totes road trip with you.
Cons: The word "cowardly" is a tip-off here.