This is the event that needs no introduction. The premiere of the Sex And The City movie took place yesterday in London. Not New York. And there were British stars and hats and many different interpretations of "red carpet" style. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Trinny Woodall, Kelly Rowland, Vivienne Westwood, Patricia Field and many more in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The show begins after the jump.

The Good:

Cynthia Nixon: Simple, gorgeous, sleek, refined, sophisticated. When you don't have a huge rack you can pull this kind of thing off without looking trashy. Plus, the long column works with her body and she looks lean and tall. Kudos!

Kristin Davis looks cute, flirty and special without being overdone. The harsh flash is not doing the dress justice here; it has ruffle details at the hem.

Vivienne Westwood is 67 and fabulous. Do your thing girl!

This cut and color makes Martine McCutcheon look like a shapely goddess.

Love the vibrant sapphire blue on Kelly Rowland!

Sheree Murphy's little black dress makes a big impact.

Nineteen year old Daisy Lowe has legs for miles and is young enough to play with the short skirt/long jacket proportion.

This is quirky done right. I don't know who Portia Freeman is, but I love a woman who takes a chance and succeeds.

Adore the hue of Trinny Woodall's dress!

Paul O'Grady is a well-dressed cock in the henhouse.

The Bad:

Here is Sarah Jessica Parker and the infamous hat. Everyone is talking about this hat. The dress is adorable and the hat is kind of cool but together, eh, something is just off. It's quirky for quirky's sake and not fab or glam enough. In my opinon.

I don't "get" Kim Cattrall's dress. It's weirdly stiff below the waist. She has looked better.

I love Patricia Field, but this ensemble is a mess.

Tess Daly is late for her Ancient Roman stripper audition.

Adele is a singer with a gorgeous voice but apparently no evening gown. Seriously, though, check out her music. Amazing.

Roisin Murphy: From head to toe, it's like Picasso and Dr. Seuss had a paint fight.

I just don't think that Louise Redknapp is doing her body any favors with this dress.

Fiona Bruce's gown seems dated and amateur-ish.

Georgia May Jagger needs to get her hair out of her face and put on something more fitting for a 16-year-old.

I just do not like Lisa Snowdon's skirt. Sue me. (The shoes are glorious!)

Jaquetta Wheeler didn't even really try.

The Ugly:

Alex Curran looks as cheap and bright as a Florida motel.

Kim Stewart's pose, dress and attendance at this event are mind-boggling.

[Images via Getty and FilmMagic.]