What sets the internet apart from other modes of communication—video, audio, text, imagery—is the way it translates a combination of forms into meaning through the use of animated gifs. Here, we present a glossary of their definitions.

Gifs—"graphics interchange formats"—are unique to the internet, in that they utilize a short loop of soundless video-like motion to convey thoughts, feelings, memes, or retorts. While a picture says a thousand words, a gif gets the point across much more succinctly.

Note: You can use all of these gifs yourself! Just right-click and copy the image code, or drag the image itself to the space where you want to insert the code.

AAAHH - a reaction of elation to exciting news

Agreed - a response of assent with another

Agreed (emphatic)

Ain't no thang - response to a mild, insignificant inconvenience

Applause - expression of approval, appreciation, acclaim

Bitch, please - incredulous response to something that is outrageous, stupid, or false; can also be used in response to an unintimidating threat

Bitch, please (var.)

Boo hoo - mostly used sarcastically to invalidate someone's sadness; can also be used genuinely to convey one's own sadness

Bring it - an invitation to a challenge

Check yourself - a request issued to someone to pause and examine his/her actions or words before proceeding

Cringe - used in response to something unfunny, awkward, or embarrassing

Cuckoo - response to insanity

Dead to me - hyperbolic expression of washing one's hands of someone

Deal with it - image macro used as a retort to someone's disapproval

Do not want - a standard reply to anything undesirable; can also be used to alert others as to whether content is worth viewing

Do not want (emphatic)

Duh - response to when the obvious is stated

Eye roll - gesture of dismay or exasperation

Ew - response of disgust

Fuck yo couch - similar to the use of "Fuck you" IRL, this conveys total irreverence

Good grief - used to express feelings of dejection

Headdesk - body language that expresses frustration, stress, or dismay toward the actions of others or oneself

How you doin'? - greeting

How you doin'? (var.) - before using it on her daytime talk show, Wendy Williams originally coined the phrase as a way to imply that someone is gay

I'd hit that - used to convey sexual attraction in spite of popular opinion on the person in question

I don't want to see that - similar to "Do not want," but used mostly in reaction to something visually unappealing

I need a drink - used as a reply to information that is too much to handle, stressful, or depressing

I'm out - abandoning or withdrawing from a situation or conversation out of disagreement, disinterest, or distress

I'm out (emphatic)

Internet reading expression - conveys one's feelings about online text

Internet reading expression (var.)

Internet reading expression (var.)

Internet reading expression (var.)

Internet reading expression (var.)

I see what you did there - generally used in response to a bad joke

I see what you did there (plural)

I will kill you - hyperbolic threat

Jane! - originating on the HBO series The Comeback, this is a request for a "time out" or a complete halt to an uncomfortable situation

LOL - laughing out loud

Move on - utilized to change the direction of a conversation that has been exhausted or is no longer productive; also can be used as a social cue to encourage others to no longer focus attention on unworthy subject matter

NBD - "no big deal"; used in response to something typical

Oh no you didn't - response of incredulity

OMG - "oh my God"; exclamation of surprise or disgust

O RLY? - used to convey a deadpan response to something doubtful, dumb, or unimpressive

O RLY? (var.)

Shimmy - used to express one's pride over a modest achievement; also used sarcastically to patronize another's modest achievement

Shut up - plea for an end to an unworthy conversation or false statement

Shut up (emphatic)

SMH - "shakes my head"; conveys a gesture of disappointment or dismay that doesn't warrant words

Smoke up - a request for marijuana use

Snooki bomb - part of a larger internet meme in which Jersey Shore's Snooki is inserted into situations in which she does not belong

Snow sucks - expression of displeasure with inclement weather

Spit-take - comedic reaction of disbelief

SRSLY? - sarcastic disbelief

This oughta be good - conveys excitement over a brewing internet fight, of which one chooses to not participate, but merely enjoy as an audience

This oughta be good (var.)

Thumbs up - can either be used genuinely (as an assent) or sarcastically (as condescending) over someone's actions

Turtle time - a call for celebration that typically implies imbibing Pinot Grigio

Well, well - conveys smugness; also can be used a sarcastic reaction to someone's smugness

We're listening - used to egg on a response that is likely to either be insufficient or unintelligent

Whatever - derisive or dismissive response

WTF - either a question or exclamation of confusion, amazement, or disbelief

Yay - an expression of elation