"Beverly Hills" promises to be among the most ridiculous of all the Real Housewives. And by this rubric, the premiere did not disappoint. And Bobby Trendy was there. And the Hiltons. And Latoya.

By the standards of this event, Tiffany Wiederhorn is as demure as an Italian widow. With, of course, obligatory logo.

This woman is identified as "Designer Faye Resnick." I'm just going to give that a moment to sink in.

TV host Shaun Robinson has the deer-in-the-headlights look of someone who's wandered into an asylum in which everyone else is dressed for Vegas circa '93.

Like we said. This is a socialite who rejoices in the name of Lisa Vanderpump.

Camille Grammer looks like she went all craftsy, execpt she was limited to the rag bag from the Trump Palace Casino's interior decorator.

Just when you thought Bobby Trendy was out of our collectuve subconscious....because that's what this event needed.

Adrienne Maloof opts for quiet elegance.

Kyle Richards: crummy cocktail party on top, tacky bat mitzvah on the bottom!

Taylor Armstrong evokes an elementary-school craft project. Well, an X-rated one.

Is Kim Richards' getup the worst of the worst? So hard! Too many choices!

Like we said, Latoya was there.

Sometimes Nicky Hilton looks pretty chic. Instead, here she opted to be one of the girls.

And it's a sad state of affairs when Paris Hilton is among the most modest.

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