Some images purported to be unretouched photographs from the Spring/Summer Dolce & Gabbana campaign starring Madonna have popped up online.

It certainly looks as if the photographs taken were retouched extensively; in the ad, her nose is slimmer, her jaw is not as wide, her neck is smooth, the definition in her arms has been smoothed away, and any visible veins in her hands or arms have been removed. A woman should not actually appear to have blood pumping in her body!

Here's another look at the side by side images.

And a closer look at the untouched image.

In this shot, the lighting is so strong, most of the things that were taken care of in the previous image are not even an issue. And to be honest, this image looks like it might have already been Photoshopped.

Still, in the Dolce & Gabbana ad, Madonna's legs look a lot smoother.

Another allegedly unretouched shot in which Her Madgesty's hard-earned muscles are on display.

And a Dolce & Gabbana ad in which the musculature disappears. And the armpit on the right — and the cleavage — both look illustrated.

It's impossible to tell what is actually going on with Madonna's breasts — it's a corset or bustier, true, but here she seems rather small-breasted.

While in the ad, her bosom heaves with fullness. Also: Check out that smooth, smooth arm and super-straight nose!

In this color shot, Madonna's legs— especially her calves — are well-defined. She is an avid yoga, Pilates and dance enthusiast, after all.

But in the Dolce & Gabbana ad, her legs look different — slenderized, and not as muscular.

So if we have learned anything today, it's that when Dolce & Gabanna hires a 52 year-old woman for a fashion campaign, she'd better be free of wrinkles, veins and muscles — but with a bra cup that runneth over. Good to know.

P.S. Madonna on the red carpet on September 22 — zero Photoshop. Looking great.

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