In an editorial from Interview's October issue, Naomi wears black leather and six-inch heels in a prison cell. A beaten, naked man lies on the floor. Did Naomi go Eastern Promises on him? (Warning: The images are mildly NSFW.)

Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot are no strangers to disfiguring acts of violence, having shot the W cover that showcased Demi Moore's suspiciously mangled hip. Of course, Naomi is notorious for her angry outbursts, but it's unclear who bloodied this inked gentleman.

Naomi has no reason to dislike the Russians, particularly since her boyfriend Vladislav Voronin just bought her a 15th century palazzo with a dubious Shakespeare connection. Let's give Naomi the benefit of the doubt and assume she just stopped by to wipe away this man's tears, not to gouge his eye out with her gloved thumb.

"Sorry you're bleeding dude, but it's time to pause for a glamour shot!"

And what could be more comforting than Naomi pawing at your face with her talon-like nails and digging a spiky heel into your thigh?

That's definitely an affectionate headlock.

"Okay, glad you're feeling all better now. XOXO, Naomi."

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