Death, Taxes, Betsey: one thing you can depend on in this life is that Betsey Johnson will bring a rip-roaring, raucous show, do a cartwheel, and present a collection of crinolines and comforting, girlish outrageousness.

The show's theme was...Johnson's life? Kanye West? 80's? sports? Hard to say, although all of this — plus video of Mme. Johnson — featured. Bicycles, as seen in the film, featured heavily.

Johnson's long-time of love of Sailor Jerry-style nautical motifs was not neglected.

Circus? Moulin Rouge? Acrobats? Lingerie? All we know is, it was Betsey.

And, yes, there were the extravagant, sherbert-hued party dresses every teen girl dreams of.

Innovative? Not so much; Johson repainted the wheel magenta thirty years ago and has never looked back. But even if this show lacked innovation, you couldn't help but smile. )Well, save maybe at that "ride me" necklace.)