María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1939. She based her luxury clothing line in New York 1980, and dressed luminaries like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In other words: expect classic, pretty, posh, proper ladylike looks.

Just because Carolina Herrera likes her women to look like ladies doesn't mean her deisgns are boring. Today, for Spring 2011, she clearly used flowers as inspiration. But instead of heavy, busy floral patterns, Herrera opted for a more horticultural feel: Full flowers, with stems and leaves, which looked "taped" to the (mostly black) garments.

While the collection could not be called youthful, the mature vibe the clothes emanated has a strength: These are not frivolous, ruffled girly-girls. These are grown-ups with glamorous and important garden parties and charity functions to attend.

Keywords: Elegance, grace, beauty.

In addition to the black ensembles, Herrera offered pops of vibrant color.

Brilliantly burning hues reminiscent of hot house flowers.

Simple, sleek hair and gorgeous makeup complement a vivid, uncomplicated dress.

Although what seems uncomplicated from the front is actually rich with shape, structure and detail in the back.

The hats added a lightness, a sense of humor, a bit of whimsy to the sophisticated ladies.

The neutrals were not as exiting as the bright colors, but definitely wearable.

For some reason, this screams rich, international lady of leisure with a scintillating secret. Like a vintage Bond girl… but classier.

But the eye-catching colors were the best part. Refreshing, optimistic, bold!

But since brights aren't for everyone, Herrera covers her bases, making evening wear that's more about looking smart, put-together and pretty and not trendy or sexy.

There's something regal about the volume!

A round of applause!

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