The L.A. Latino Film Fest, which ended Wednesday, is one of the best, clothes-wise: people bring the glam, which can be amazingly good...and spectacularly risky! But as Lavar would say, you don't have to take my word for it!

Here's what you gotta give actress Prakriti Maduro: that ear-splitting print is not wearing her!

Any Klisans brings the sparkle, multiple ribbons.

Isabel Cueva goes Eliza Doolittle 4.0.

Digging how the neutral shoe works with the busy-ness of the rest of Tatiana Rivas' getup.

We don't see enough old-school evening coats. Clearly, Marlene Dermer agrees!

She's also single-handedly reviving damask!

Lymari Nadal makes great strides in the definition of "keyhole," and works it in the process.

The always-fab Lupe Ontiveros, never dressed to less than the nines.

Here's where things get really interesting. Yvette Edery went there. And by "there" I mean "Papagena."

Diana Garcia takes accessorizing to a whole new - and awesome - level.

Here's where we get into classic, Jayne-Mansfield bombshell territory:Isabel Cueva's opening night look.

Erica Vetro demonstrates the best way to create an illusion of Picasso-eque boobage.

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