• Ann Coulter has been dropped as the speaker for WorldNetDaily's "Taking America Back National Conference" because of her association with GOProud, a republican group that promotes same-sex rights. Coulter plans to speak at "HOMOCON" in late September.

A spokesman for WND says they couldn't keep Coulter on as a speaker because it was a "matter of principle." When Coulter was asked why she had chosen to address the GOProud crew, she said "They hired me to give a speech, so I'm giving a speech. I do it all the time."


  • The American Ballet Theatre will stage two performances in November at Havana's Karl Marx Theater. This will be the first time the company travels to the island in over fifty years. They will perform scenes from ballets including "Fancy Free" and "Siete Sonatas."
  • Researchers have found that even healthy young people who gain as little as 9 lbs of fat are at risk for developing endothelial cell dysfunction, a condition that is associated with heart disease. "Gaining a few pounds in college, on a cruise, or over the holidays is considered harmless, but it can have cardiovascular implications, especially if the weight is gained in the abdomen," explained one of the authors of the study.
  • A woman was recently turned away from a Continental flight because the employee selling her the ticket refused to believe that her self-trained service dog was legit. Despite the fact that she insisted multiple times that her dog was "not a pet," the customer service representative demanded certification, which, because the dog was self-trained, did not exist.
  • A recent review, published in Biological Psychiatry, takes a close look at the link between early life influences and risk of developing a psychiatric disorder. According to the authors, maternal stress, infection, and expose to famine all increase the likelihood that a child will suffer from depression later in life.
  • A new study on stress and relationships has found that marriage might actually be good for your health. After asking participants to play a series of computer games, researchers found lower levels of stress hormones in married people of both sexes than in singles.
  • Dr. Linda Baker, a pediatric urologist and professor of urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, has pioneered a surgical procedure to correct vaginal birth defects. Approximately one in 4,000 women are born with absent or malformed vaginas, and using tissue from the lower intestines, Dr. Baker is able to reconstruct a "natural-looking" vaginal cavity.
  • A bus driver from the UK is being criticized for needlessly killing a mother duck and her ducklings. A witness to the event says the driver "had plenty of time to move out of the way, but chose to drive over some of them instead." Fortunately, the surviving chicks have been adopted by a passerby and will be released into the wild shortly.
  • French police have arrested two girls, aged 12 and 14, who they say stole hundreds of euros from cash machine customers by distracting them with their bare breasts. The girls allegedly approached several people withdrawing cash and while one opened her shirt and assaulted the male customer, the other grabbed the money and ran.
  • More stuff that makes you smarter: birth-control pills. High-five.