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Best Comment Of The Day in response to Southwest Lets Children Fly Unaccompanied To Nashville: "This is a grievous oversight in airport security. I will only feel safe once TSA mandates that all children be 3 oz or less and stored in a ziploc bag."
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Battle Of The Box-Office Sexes: Expendables Tops Eat Pray Love:

They should combine these two movies into one. A disconsolate woman, after ending her marriage, decides to take a year to find herself by going to South America with a team of mercenaries to help overthrow a brutal dictator.

Sylvester Stallone teaches her how to cook delicious, high-protein meals.

Jet Li teaches her kung fu and, using his mystic chinaman powers, is able to tell her spiritual truths about the universe.

She has sex with Jason Statham.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Rich, White Republican Women Are Resembling Rich, White Republican Men:

I don't think all that money is buying them much anyway. Jerry Brown, Candidate for Gov in CA, has spent about 100 million less than Meg Whitman, and they're running about equal in the polls.

Perhaps the voters are starting to realize how much of a waste it is when they look at their own bank statements.

Look at J. Brown, now back to me, now back to him, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me, but maybe he could be as good as me if he spent millions and wore lady scented body wash. Look down, now back at me. Now I'm on a boat with your man because I bought him. Don't cry. What's in your hand? Now it's in mine. It's your forclosure notice to the house you loved. Look again, the notice is now diamonds, still in my hand, and into my pocket. Anything is possible when your a millionare and not a Jerry Brown. I'm a horse's ass.

~Paid for by the Meg Whitman Campaign

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Rob & Kristen Are Definitely A Couple: "OMG best escape plan ever, Weezy!"

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