The 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree in Los Angeles was, of course, all about the starpower and the clothes.

Actress Amanda Righetti, running down the clock to Labor Day. With sexyface, of course.

And while the bridal-white trend has been ubiquitous to the point of creepiness, when you see something like Yaya DaCosta's, it's hard to regret it.

Autumn Reeser, so literally Grecian she's ready for ambrosia on Olympus - or at least a production of Orpheo.

Dylan Lauren runs a candy-store chain. Presumably, she's in Ralph Lauren. And it's the color of an apple Jolly Rancher, so.

Candy hues were, in fact, popular: Exhibit B? Actress Tammin Sursok.

And Jenna Dewan does grape-hued early-90s.

When in doubt, many reach for charmeuse, a la What Not to Wear reveals. Despite the fact that, as Sanaa Lathan demonstrates, it doesn't ever do one justice on the red carpet.

An even more compelling argument against it: Erika Christensen's blush number.

It's like Jurnee Smollet's dress was designed to facilitate the RC "I'm a little teapot!"

Actress Troian Avery Bellisario's bow and necklace are in a fight to the death. My money's on the rocks.

As Michelle Trachtenberg shows, a trench always looks cool.

Marisa Miller, in a pretty take on the feminine blush.

Kim Kardashian in less-than-basic — but flattering — pencil-skirted black.

Jamie Lynn Sigler in a new classic: the 40's-inflected shoulder.

Jessica Stroup's metallic purse is a pretty counterpoint to her classic neutrals.

Eliza Dushku shows that you don't need to go tight to be a total hot tamale. (As my grandmother would say.)

And Keisha Whitaker, demonstrating that a classic, Roper-esque caftan is still among the smoothest of all summer options.

Perhaps best in show? Amber Heard's exercise in retro.

"Worst" goes, without contest, to Kelly Brook. Whose bodice looks like an animal - or at least a basketball - died very much in vain.

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