It's a truth universally acknowledged that celebrities love product launches. And judging by the assembled starpower - Amber and Venus and Felicity and Christina and Rashida, among others - they really loved the Blackberry Torch.

I think we can all agree that Rashida Jones looks effortless and perfect. So, moving right along!

Also, that Christina Ricci's Byzantine top is highly distracting.

Felicity Huffman in mufti: casual, comfortable, seeming more natural than when glammed up.

Speaking of comfy:Gina Gershon looks like everyone's "fun" aunt.

In my considered, Michelle Trachtenberg has like one too many elements going here - I would have chosen between the aggressive horizontal shoe and the truculent necklace. But then, what do I know? I wasn't invited, despite my stated love of soft fruits.

Lea Michele, elegant in separates. You'll notice a lot of people seemed to feel skirts and tops were the thing to wear to a handheld launch. NB.

Ditto a chic Venus Williams who, if she gets bored, has the option of doing a crossword on her blouse.

Amber Valletta, as usual, makes it look so easy.

Anna Kendrick is Team Jacob. And since she's privy to insider info, I think we should take that under advisement. Which doesn't mean we need to be sold on her LBD.

Kristin Cavallari's frock is on-trend, since beige is enormous for Fall. So she has that going.

If you're into "Who Wore it Better," you're in luck! Courtney Mazza and Shenae Grimes are wearing very similar pants, although I think the pregnant lady always takes it, for sheer cojones.

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