Given Michaele's erratic behavior—crashing the State Dinner and feuding with Whoopi Goldberg—I was let down by last night's understated premiere episode. However, the bitterness amongst cast members this week indicates that things are about to get heated.

While I found this exchange about Tyra Banks amusing, I felt like the first episode didn't immediately grab me the way that the women in other cities in the franchise did. (For example, in the first episode of RHONYC we watched Simon an Kempen frolic on the beaches of St. Barth's in a Speedo; in the first episode of RHOA we watched Kim impulsively buy a Range Rover with Big Poppa's money; in the first episode of RHONJ we watched Teresa whip out a wad of cash to spend $120k on garish furnishings.)

However, I'm not ready to give up on the series yet, mostly because of the completely awkward interview with them on Today this week. It took place the day after Michaele claimed that Whoopi Goldberg had been rough with her on The View. Michaele showed up for the Today segment but the other women—all present in the building—initially refused to sit on the couch with her.

Eventually, the other four women took their seats, and after a very long segment in which Michaele hogged the airtime talking about her experience on The View and how she crashed the White House State Dinner, the other women got pissed.

Upon returning from a commercial break, the ripped into Michaele, declaring how much they dislike her, accused her of being a thief and con artist, and expressed their annoyance that she's stealing the show.