The GLAAD Manhattan event at 230 Fifth Avenue was hard to sum up, but we'll try: Real Housewives of New York, drag queens, stylists, caftans, sequins...and some very scant skivvies!

Fact: once I saw Alex McCord on the street wearing a zebra-print vest and matching zebra-trimmed short-shorts. Another time I saw Simon Van Kempen, also in a vest. These sane and appropriate getups are downright disappointing by comparison.

A vest like Richie Rich's, for example, would have really made their outfits,

Bethenny Frankel also goes relatively demure, if...fitted.

Johnny Weir, always ready to bring the festivity.

Actor Scott Evans didn't want to commit to a tie, but wanted to be technically wearing one in case there was an archaic dress code. Sly, sir.

Did he and John Bartlett coordinate?

Derek Warburton is a stylist. So, you know.

Josie Smith-Malave evokes Dr. Fad - always a good thing.

Stylist Phillip Bloch does his usual tribute to the Black Hand.

Figure skater Sarah Hughes: graceful in a bandage.

Jade may or may not have broken into a "What a Feeling" remix. In my fantasies, she does.

JuJubee drew the obligatory "late 70s bridesmaid" card.

Actress Maria Helena Vianna must be kicking herself for not going with the sequins.

Drag performer Bianca Del Rio looks like she pulled Cecil Beaton from beyond the grave!

I think we can agree that Scott Herman wins the outfit sweepstakes: or at the very least the "Emperor's New Clothes" award.

[Images via Getty]