Today is Chelsea Clinton's wedding day, and the locals have come out in force to celebrate—with or without an invitation:

The entire thing seems like an episode of Gilmore Girls. Look! There's even a town troubadour!

How long before someone changes what this sign says? The internet will be severely let down if they don't. The stuff that memes are made of, and all.

Even the dogs got dressed for the occasion!

The shops are in on the action, as well.

Isn't it kind of creepy to own a t-shirt promoting a wedding you weren't invited to? That said, my mom would totally buy one of these and store it away "for history's sake."

I guarantee you there's a Bridezilla out there screaming, "I was going to have people hold poster board signs along the side of the road! And now I can't! Everything was perfect, and she ruined it!"

If you're going to crash this wedding, it's perhaps best to spring for more convincing costumes.

But that clearly didn't stop this crew.