As previously noted, the International Male catalog is being phased out. The new company is and thankfully they've sent out their Summer 2008 issue. I sent an IM to Anna that read, "I'm worried that this catalog is NSFW." She asked, "How so?" Then I showed her a sample. She wrote back: "Haaha! That's fine! If a woman in a string bikini is SFW then that is. God I just LOL'd." But there's something about photographs of men's underwear — especially when you can kind of see their junk — that's kind of naughty. So! Proceed with caution as you enter the world of Undergear, after the jump.

So. Fresh cut, huh? Heh, heh. Would you believe that compared to the rest, this page is tame?

"Good looks you can't help but notice. Ergonomically designed to make the most of what you've got," reads the copy for these styles. The enhancement bikini is good for "creating a noticeable bulge — even through jeans." Blushing yet? I know, I know. This underwear reveals everything. You can practically see their zodiac signs.

Oh, snap! Snaps are awesome! How come all underwear doesn't come with snaps, huh? Can't think of a snappy retort? Anyway: I dare you to imagine every man you see today is wearing one of these items under his clothes. This includes the dudes you work with and people on TV. (Barack Obama? Larry King?)

The web brief (H)is horrifying. Nightmare-inducing, even. But the ring thong is fun, because it kind of looks like the face of a baboon!

Someone got the memo about looking for a few good men.

What's worse? The padded butt briefs, the scoopneck tee, the blue underwear or that guy's haircut? Seriously. I can't decide.

"Dude, those lace-up briefs are hot, but they could be hotter." "Ya think? "Yeah. You need a puka shell necklace. Here." "Thanks." "Score!"

Eenie meenie miney moe, let's say you go to the beach with someone you know: Which of these swimsuits would you rather he wear? If you had to pick one... and your guy's not allowed to wax "down there."


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