Judging by the red carpet at the National Movie Awards held at London's Royal Festival Hall, there was something of a "creative dress" code — and certainly the stars interpreted it creatively!

Call me crazy, but I'm loving Gwyneth Paltrow's 60's Barbie-girl!

Actress Shanika Warren-Markland gives the LBD a sparkly, early-90s spin.

If you gotta do the epaulet thing, softening the rest of the line, a la Ophelia Lovibond, does a lot.

Be still my heart, it's Martin Freeman! The blue skews a tad "Virgin Atlantic," but we'll forgive a lot from the man who brought us Tim Canterbury.

Diane and Josh affirm their commitment to SparkleMotion - he's even shod for an impromptu break.

TV presenter Konnie Huq is a fan of the kind of limited mobility currently popular - one rarely sees a skirt-kicking action shot in one of these gowns.

Uh oh! Do Katie's stripes signify that she feels like she's in jail and is crying out to escape? Obvi.

[Images via Getty.]