Blue Valentine, which premiered at Cannes last night, is the story of a married couple and, like anything that references Top Waits titles, presumably fancies itself deep and enigmatic. Maybe it is! Anyway, the stars certainly looked awesome...mostly.

Michelle Williams is one of our time's great puller-offers. This somewhat grotesque Venus-goes-to-Miami, for instance, looks about 100 times better than it has any right to.

Is the bandage the new LBD? Gisella Marengo certainly wears it that way.

Cliches done well are classics. See: Rachel Bilson's Cat-People number. So Simone Simon!

If you gotta "aww" here, no one's going to judge you: Ryan seems to have a way with the young ladies, especially little Faith Wladyka.

Producers Jamie Patricof, Lynette Howell and Alex Orlovsky demonstrate the basic awkwardness of the 3-person photo. This is when you have to just do the shoulder-arm, yearbook style.

Mallika Sherawat's gown: elegant, classic, and you can wear it anywhere!

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