We have mixed feelings about these OK! Magazine "Sexy Singles Events" (this one at NYC's Juliet Supper Club.) On the one hand, they're a sartorial disaster. On the other, they're a seminar on the sexyface!

SEXY: short, shiny and Cosmo-haired, like Kaci Battaglia.

SEXY: Sparkles, like Devorah Rose's.

SEXY: corset-sashed, like Kelly Choi.

SEXY: sweet dress, tough accessories, penetrating stare like Tinsley Mortimer's.

SEXY: framed breasts, a la Tina Parol's.

SEXY: fur purses, like Hofit Golan's.

SEXY: leather and lace (and snakeskin!) like Katia Cadet's.

SE-okay, this is actually just kinda cute.

And now, a few of the evening's best sexyfaces!

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