The Metropolitan Opera gala premiere of the crusade-themed 'Armida' attracted a huge number of stars: Chloe, Maggie, Ginnifer, Julianne - you get the picture. And whether or not they're actually Rossini-lovers, they certainly looked the part!

Maggie Gyllenhaal's vintagey gown is not just my favorite of all her ensembles, but my favorite of the year so far!

Patricia Clarkson goes for classic elegance worthy of Cecil Beaton.

Julianna Margulies pulls off the always-risky center-ruffle narrowly avoiding the drapes effect!

While I don't love Jennifer Morrison's bodice, could the fall of this skirt be any prettier? No.

Speaking of tricky bodices! But the lines of Emily Mortimer's are balanced by the overall simplicity, no?

Getting into "questionable" territory, the always more-is-more Fabiola Beracasa.

I get that Chloe's playing with ideas of formality, but the effect is vaguely Marcel Marceau.

I'd say Ginnifer Goodwin's experiment almost works - but I do have questions about the bridesmaidy shoes.

What this Klimt-esque gown needed was a chiffon ruffle at the top. NOT.

One cannot doubt Bette's commitment to either sparkle-motion or minis.

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