All of us know that all sorts of shit can go wrong with our unique internal plumbing: Fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis. And! After reading this informative but horrifying story, we all have something new to worry about: "Ovary death." Kathy Harris, 49, had experienced giving birth, a tubal ligation, and a broken leg from skiing. But the pain of her dying ovary made her want to die. At the hospital, when the (male) gynecological surgeon asked her to describe her pain, she said: "Ever been stabbed in the vagina? I felt the point go through and come out my left groin." An ovary dies when it gets twisted around its stalk and its blood supply is cut off. Kathy's swelled to into a lump the size of a cantaloupe. She had the dead ovary removed and she's fine now. Some of us, on the other hard, are traumatized and paranoid. [Discover]