Our ultimate Pie vs. Cake tournament is off and running! No big upsets just yet, but today's competitors will turn up the heat. Place your bets now.

[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]

Yesterday's kickoff brought no surprises — your bracket is safe for now, with the top seeds moving forward: Birthday Cake stomped all over Fruitcake, and Apple Pie breezed past Grasshopper (though Grasshopper did pull almost 1/5 of the vote, an outcome deserving of respect). And what gladiators will be entering the coliseum today?

Starting now, we're going to up the daily ante with two matchups per conference — that means four crucial votes every day. Today's tournament action: From the Cake Conference, it's #5 Coffee facing off against #12 Bundt, and the tense rivalry between #8 Angel Food and #9 Pound Cake will take to the court. Over in the Pie Conference, it's #5 Peanut Butter vs. #12 Boston Cream, plus #8 Pecan against #9 Banana Cream. It's bound to be a helluva match. Be sure to scroll down and vote in all four matchups.

The polls will close tomorrow at 2:55pm EDT. Winners announced and voting to resume on Monday. Now make some noise!



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