The ads for the Ashton Kusher-Cameron Diaz comedy What Happens in Vegas boast that the film is "the first big comedy of the summer." Based on these same ads, however, I'm pretty sure that it's the first big-budget sucky movie of the summer. Confirming my theory are the sartorial choices made by those in attendance at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles last night. Brooke Burns, Diablo Cody, Eva Longoria, Michelle Krusiec, Tamara Mowry, and Soleil Moon Frye (!) were all there. And looking bad. (Sorry Diablo.) And as a little gift for you for Friday: Bai Ling was there too. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, all after the jump.

The Good:

Sorry — can't comment. Too distracted by Lake Bell's legs. So. Much. Leg.

Ooh Whitney Cummings' dress is cute. I would like a casual and sweet dress covered in little flowers like that. [Who is Whitney Cummings? -Ed.]

Cameron's dress is hot, even if Ashton looks douchey in his plaid dinner jacket.

The Bad:

Does anyone else love the color of Brooke Burns' dress but feel like the dress looks cheap? Not "trashy" cheap; "gonna fall apart on you after one wear" cheap.

Diablo Cody? Or a cupcake?

That's a whole lotta dress on the very small Eva Longoria. Also, what's with her shoes?

I like the shape of Michelle Krusiec's dress. It's too bad it's made from aluminum foil.

Tamara Mowry: Wow — where has she been? And where's her sister Tia? Anyway, she looks very nice. (If she were at an office and not on the red carpet.)

Punky Brewster! Why oh why are you wearing that?

The Ugly:

Some days, I'm just so grateful for Bai Ling. And the Band-Aids on her legs that match her dress.

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