On last night's episode, Bethenny said that when LuAnn lost her husband "she grew a penis"—which makes it even more hilarious that when Kelly confessed she'd be posing for Playboy, LuAnn confessed she'd graced the cover of Playgirl.

When Kelly told LuAnn and Jill that she had a "serious secret" to tell them, they both immediately thought that she'd been arrested again. Instead, the 41-year-old mother of two is she's just posing naked for a men's magazine.

I'd always thought the "hypocrisy" the other women accused LuAnn of had more to do with her general know-it-all attitude of class and manners, when she really didn't practice them (particularly when speaking to "the help" or troubled teens she was counseling). But actually, they were referring to the fact that LuAnn and her husband were both stepping out on each other—or as Bethenny put it "screwing around with everyone in town"—while giving advice on dating, love, and marriage. Apparently, the cast was keeping it a secret for LuAnn up until now.

First Bethenny called LuAnn out on it, and then Ramona flew off the handle. Not knowing that LuAnn was listening in to this phone call—but perfectly aware that she was on speaker phone in front of a camera crew—Ramona accused LuAnn of being "a slut the whole time she's been married." LuAnn didn't really deny it, or at least, she wasn't shown denying it.

Last night on Watch What Happens, Andy Cohen asked Jill about the conversation, and Jill all but confirmed that what Ramona and Bethenny have been saying is true. How much you wanna bet that LuAnn will write it off as just another cultural difference of being married to a French aristocrat?