To announce the arrival of the Gap's "Sprize" customer-loyalty program (and probably to shock passersby into noticing), a Gap in Vancouver was completely flipped upside-down, in line with Sprize's motto "shopping turned on its head."

When we say everything was turned upside-down, we mean everything; the store sported flipped cars out front, mannequins suspended from the ceiling, and even shopping bags printed with "GAP" turned up.

The program began just in time for holiday shopping, as Vancouver-area Gaps signed up customers to earn "Sprizemoney" on their purchases, but only if the items purchased go on sale within 45 days of the purchase. The difference between regular and sale price is then deposited in the Sprizemoney account of the shopper, who can later use these kind-of-like-a-refund credits to buy even more items. And from the Sprize Twitter, we see that stores even throw the occasional Sprize party with free mani-pedis.

The goal? Suite101 quotes Marka Hansen, President of Gap Brand North America, as saying "We're taking away the frustration and worry over buying a product at full price, and then seeing the price drop soon afterwards."


Interesting! But there aren't any plans so far announced regarding rolling out Sprize to the US or to other stores beyond the ten in Vancouver, so we'll withhold judgment for now.

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