Groovy threads with a sense of humor and feminine flair were on the runway at the Rochas show in Paris today. Grab your hairspray and your 45s, ladies!

Not thrilled by the color here, but the swingy shape, long collar and floral cravat brooch are pretty great. C'mon, get happy!

The retro styling for the runway show is fun, but this ensemble would look great with a modern, slicked-back ponytail and some chunky heels.

Channeling Julie Christie in Shampoo.

The sharp, structured, hard edges of the coat are softened by the quiet color. Digging the floral brooch again!

Foxy hipster pants paired with a sweet sweater.


Interesting proportions — high waist, broad shoulders, short sleeves — make this coat delicious instead of dowdy.

The pros: This dress is playful, retro, sweet and unique. Cons: The sleeves will be dragged through your spaghetti sauce.

The perfect hostess outfit for that key party you've been meaning to throw.

Toilet paper cozy chic?

Love the coat, the Mars green and Venus blue and the long, luscious locks (extensions). I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon listening to the Marvelettes, the Chiffons and the Shirelles, brb.

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