Love Ball London, hosted by Natalia Vodianova and Harper's Bazaar at The Roundhouse, brought out fashion's brightest stars. And their friends. And Kate Moss was blase.

Carolina Herrera, single-handedly preserving the evening coat.

An ethereal Kate Moss gives the most disinterested handshake we've ever seen. A key to her mystique?

Loving that Natalia Vodianova totally wore a "love"-themed frock.

Elizabeth Hurley-Nayar makes me want to do some pun based on those old "Sorry!" ads. But I can't think of one and, I suspect like the game itself, it's not worth the effort and assemblage of pieces.

Do not mess with Stella and her strange, plunging meringue.

You can mess with DVF - and her fur - all you want. You'll just lose.

Saffron Aldridge's deco details result in some surprisingly serious pretty.

Leona Lewis' components? Yeah, not so much. Also: Tick-Tock of Oz called. He wants his carapace back.

Peaches Geldof's busy dress...

...and workaholic hair.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley: your commitment to wearing fur always has been noted. We get it. You can stop now.

Jacquetta Wheeler brings, if not sexy, ironwork back.

Alice Dellal could have used a trip through the looking glass. See how I did that?

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