Kim and Khloe Kardashian apparently never work. Which is why they are in Australia right now! But before you get all judgmental [Jen, the name of this feature is 'Snap Judgment'! -Ed.] and assume that the girls are doing nothing but hitting hotspots in body-hugging dresses, please note that today they visited Sydney's Taronga Zoo, where they posed for pics with all the animals. After the jump, Kim, Khloe, and their newfound creature comforts. (Really, you can't make this shit up.)

(Top photo: Kim and an echidna)

(Kim and emu)

(Kim and...wallaby? Kangaroo?)

(Kim and Reggie Bush python)

(Kim and giraffes)

(Kim and....wombat? Wallarroo?)

(Kim and biggest koala ever)

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