Sadie the Scottie may have won Best in Show at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but let's not forget that the other competitors were also adorable — and hilarious. We award prizes to the losers runners-up, below.

Loveliest Locks
Awarded to this Irish setter, whose highlights, lowlights and sheen would make any Pantene commercial model envious.

Best Attitude Despite Constant Onslaught Of Trustafarian Jokes
Mighty Komondor, we salute you.

Recipient Of The Billy Joel Geographical Pride Award
Lincoln the Newfoundland, in a New York State Of Mind.

The Statler & Waldorf Prize For Cantankerous Old Coot Couple
Mastiffs Wilbur and Anchor have this one in the bag. Statler and Waldorf would be proud.

The Conair Stunning Styling Award
Jazz, the English Springer Spaniel, is honored to receive the prize sponsored by Keith Urban and Pete Wentz, and would like to thank his hairdresser.

The Jack Klugman Certificate Of Achievement For Faces With "Character"
Bubba, a Neopolitan Mastiff, is a huge fan of 12 Angry Men and Quincy, M.E.

The Oprah Winfrey Blue Ribbon For Maintaining Dignity & Composure
This American Cocker Spaniel would like to thank the little people.

The Mary-Kate & Ashley Double Trouble Prize
Fin and Hayley, West Highland Terriers, are thrilled to accept.

Miss Manicure, aka The Kim Kardashian Award
No surprise here: Calvin Klein, a Golden Retriever, nailed it.

Most Demure
Unfortunately, soon after this shot was taken, the prize was revoked from Sizzle the Weimaraner.

The Cloris Leachman Honorary Grandma Award
Jennifer, the Clumber Spaniel, plans on baking some cookies and mailing you a check for five dollars right after Days Of Our Lives.

The Like, So Rad Award From The '80s Appreciation Society
Congratulations to Shaun the Cocker Spaniel, who won a Swatch and a DVD of Valley Girl!

Excellence In The Embodiment of Ennui
This Boston Terrier can't be bothered to celebrate his win.

Most Dapper
You should see Cody the Pug's shoe closet!

The Bish Plz Prize
A highly coveted award! This Maltese knew she would win. Come on.

Most Emo (Sponsored By Hot Topic)
Keefer the Afghan Hound plans to put on some skinny jeans and listen to Dashboard Confessional later.

Miss Congeniality
Bouncer, the English Toy Spaniel — the most popular girl in the room.

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