Well, someone was in the Valentine's Day spirit! From the red velvet to the pink flowers to the...snuffaluffagus pelts? Zac Posen, who showed this morning, is clearly feeling the love.

Worthy of a Victorian valentine, no?

I believe the word "flirty" is apt here.

The Love Story iteration.

The return to the feminine is Big at the tents. It's hard for the little girl in us - or the teen who couldn't afford Betsey Johnson's punky florals - not to covet this, just a little.

Okay, maybe more than a little.

Harlequin-style executives are a trend I hope will never die, even as we can all hear the clock ticking.

At points, the clothes seems almost, well, utilitarian! Check the separates.

And this muted bit of neutral chic.

Even this seemed like a restrained take on some of the designer's glamorous, graphic faves.

And then...we hit the furs.

And if that's too much for you?

All this, by the way, he owes to 'Bucks. Note a disdainful Miss J.

[Images via Getty]