Want to write in this little box? Gawker Creative Services is looking for a copywriter's apprentice to help create the exact thing you are reading right now. Interested? Click through for details.

1. This is a writing job. If you cannot spell or conduct internet research, stop reading.
2. This is a blogging job. If you have no experience blogging, stop reading.
3. This is an ADVERTISING JOB. Sorry, no Real Housewives recaps.
4. This is a part-time job, great for grad students, freelancers, and dog-walkers who are working on a novel.
5. This is a paid job. Not much, but paid.
6. If you are not supremely organized, stop reading.
7. Click here for the full job description.
8. Resumes and samples accepted at creative@gawker.com ONLY. Not at tips, not at writers' and editors' email addresses.
9. Thank you and good luck.
10. <3.