On last night's episode, Lynne's family was served with an eviction notice, because she and her husband failed to pay the $10,000 security deposit. Lynne handled the stress of the situation by purchasing a $1,200 leather jacket.

Lynne and her husband Frank were not home at the time that the eviction notice was served, so her daughters had to accept it. Apparently, the family has been in a financial bind for a while. The confusing issue is that Lynne and Frank even rent at all. Isn't the big industry out in Orange County real estate? Still, they made room in their budget for lots of plastic surgery, including Lynne's recent face lift and her daughter's nose job.

Lynne wanted to speak to her husband outside of their home, so that their children wouldn't witness their conversation (until it was edited and put on television?). Lynne's husband said that the problem was that "money is tight," to which Lynne responded, "duh."

Lynne — who went on Dr. Phil a few months ago to talk about her money problems — claims ignorance on the whole issue, and thinks that gets her off the hook of responsibility.

A few days later, she went on a girls' trip to San Francisco, and purchased a $1,200 leather jacket.