Last night, the Sundance Channel premiered a documentary about the modern red carpet. Experts from Karl Lagerfeld to Giuliana Rancic to weighed in on everything from the repetitiveness of posing to the fees stars can command for wearing certain items.

The witty moments of this French doc are many. Marc Jacobs steps in to document the degeneration of his East Coast accent into some pan-European affectation (oh, and to say he thought Madonna looked great on the red carpet in thigh-high boots and bunny ears — which he would say, wouldn't he, given he designed it). Celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson leads the cameras through fashion week, and everyone blames blogs and their insta-criticism for sartorial conservatism. Also, Sharon Stone has no career and just goes to events for money, although a French editor does aver that she probably has high expenses.

But stylist Phillip Bloch earns the Why Everyone Makes Fun Of Fashion People Award, which I just invented, for quoting Malcolm X on the steps of Bryant Park. I'm sure he'd agree his words apply perfectly to celebutards pimping a panoply of brands on the red carpet, too.

Full Frontal Fashion [Sundance Channel]