People's Revolution boss and reality TV star Kelly Cutrone appeared on The Bonnie Hunt Show today, where she addressed the double standard that people prefer that she—and women in general—always be well-behaved

While Kelly is funny, articulate, and successful, we noticed that in previous posts we've done on her, commenters expressed disdain about her attitude toward her workers (which is edited for entertainment purposes on television) and her intimidating nature, stating that she needs to "care about other people" in order to be considered admirable. However, as Kelly points out in this clip, nobody really says the same things about football coaches who growl and shout at their players on the field as a means of getting them to do a better job.

If barking at her employees and being "mean" makes you think that Kelly Cutrone is an unethical person, then consider her reasons for not wanting to land a huge client like Donald Trump: She didn't want to work with someone who is supportive of a convicted rapist (Mike Tyson).