Extraordinary Measures deals with desperate parents and fearless doctors racing against time for a cure for a rare disease. The premiere, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, dealt with crochet, furs, weird dresses and Jessica Simpson-as-Ivana.

Jessica Simpson has apparently been out riding. With Alexis Carrington.

Keri Russell, meanwhile, is graduating from something. Maybe, like some of us, she forgot her gown at home and had to use the loaner gown which is apparently made for someone well under five feet? Yeah, that was fun.

Is Calista Flockhart sporting... crochet? Bold. Does fortune favor her?

For those of us who find purple deeply problematic for associations with wizards, Lisa Frank, this season has been rough. But I get why CBS Film's CEO and president Amy Baer would want to go with "royal," I do.

Big Brother host Julie Chen is making a lot of statements here, all of them loud, none of them very convincing. Like, when people get drunk and assert things like "gin is made from pine needles!" even though someone always has an iPhone and can easily disprove it.

I get it, silk charmeuse is tricky. But what's with dancer Edyta Sliwinska's seaming?

Like I said, it's tricky. But actress Deja Kreutzberg isn't necessarily the solution either. Y'know, you don't have to wear shiny silk. Just because it's always the reveal frock on What Not to Wear, you're not bound.

I had hoped that bootie + strapless was a trend that would die with the old year. The adorable Leslea Fisher has dashed those faint hopes.

Kayla Ewell has taken leggings to the next, inevitable step: business casual.

Whoa! Check out Meredith Droeger's sophisticated ombre!

It's like hemming has gone out of style, just as shoes have gotten higher on the leg. I'm so confused. Explain it to me, Mireille Enos!

Geeta Anand. Insert "sari" pun.

Whatevs, Taylor Spreitler is just hangin'.

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