There were moments at the Golden Globes that were too complex to convey in stills (like Bill Paxton reportedly joking that Michael C. Hall played "the cancer card"), so we've made gifs of memories to keep in rotating animation.

Steve Carell's deadpan mime to Ricky Gervais' needling left me satisfied. (That's what she said.)

Why was Meryl Streep so shifty-eyed?

If my lip-reading skills are correct, Amy Poehler is sarcastically saying that something or someone was "reestablished." Dying to know what or who!

If my lip-reading skills continue to be correct, Bill Paxton is reacting to his loss to (cancer patient) Michael C. Hall by saying something along the lines of, "How about playing the cancer card?"

Lip-reading also confirms James Cameron's confidence just before he was announced winner for Best Director.

There's no reading Morgan Freeman's lips because they're too busy sucking down that wine to applaud for Kevin Bacon.

Nora Ephron tore up her acceptance speech when she realized she didn't need it after Julie & Julia lost to The Hangover.

And last—but in no way least—nice camera work, E!