Lady Gaga was on Oprah today, and she talked about her creative process, her love of stripper shoes, and how much she likes chicken and waffles.

It was interesting to hear her talk about "working" all day, since it seems, to an outsider, like her life is a big game of dress-up. She also said: "Being provocative is not just about getting people's attention… All the things that I do… it's meant to kind of make it easier to swallow this kind of horrific media world we live in." (Psst! The media helped make you famous so you could work on outfits all day.)

The best part of the segment was the footage of Gaga's backstage area and dressing room. The disco bra, the hunchback shoulder pads, the stripper shoes, the latex!

Oh, and: Loving the conceptual illustrations she hangs on the wall. Gorgeous.

Gaga says she's "secretly a wannabe foodie." Today she had fried chicken for breakfast.

Gaga gave Oprah a hair bow. Jealous!