• Fifteen-year-old Willow is the latest Palin kid to wind up in trouble. The National Enquirer claims that "Willow has been running with the wrong crowd…regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope." •

About two dozen teens allegedly broke into an empty house, played beer pong, and trashed the place. When police questioned the girl who organized the party, she named Willow as one of the partiers. • In this interview with Sarah Palin she answers questions weighing on the minds of "Fox Fans," like how they feel about her new gig at Fox News. "My kids think that this is great, because kids are sharp enough to know that the questions have to be asked. What would we do without Fox News?" says Palin. As for how they'll survive outside of "real America," she says, "They like NY … they like the energy and the activity here. As long as they can stay grounded with the roots that are so strong in Alaska, it's going to work out." • Florida State University researchers had men smell t-shirts that women had worn at various points during their menstrual cycle, along with unworn shirts. After running tests on the men, they found those who smelled the t-shirts of ovulating women had higher testosterone levels. Men also said the shirts worn during ovulation were most "pleasant smelling." • Hackers broke into the system of a giant advertising screen in central Moscow and ran a pornographic movie, causing a massive midnight traffic jam. • While swimming with dolphins off the coast of Hawaii, two pregnant British women noticed that the animals seemed extremely interested in their bellies. Reportedly, dolphins can "see" unborn babies using their ultrasound detection systems. • Earlier today, police shut down the Mr. Gay China pageant, which would have been the country's first homosexual beauty pageant, an hour before it was scheduled to start. Officials claimed there was no problem with the show's content, the men just hadn't gotten the proper permits. However, a contestant said, "It totally has to do with moral standards and culture... If most people can't accept it, then the government won't let it happen." • In this commercial about teaching children about underage drinking from England's Department of Children, Schools and Families, adorable elementary school kids talk about the consequences of alcohol that they'll be experiencing in a few years. Paging...Willow Palin. • A Feministing reader sent in a photo of what the "Girls' Activities" section looks like in her local Wal-Mart. If you're not into pink and don't consider pushing a baby doll stroller an "activity," too bad, girls. •