Jean-Paul Gaultier and Zac Posen each have lines forthcoming with Target. And, coincidentally, lookbooks from both hit the Internet nearly simultaneously. So in addition to judging these offerings Fab Or Fug, let's play a fun round of Who Designed That?!?!

Let's lay some ground rules. Things Zac Posen is known for: a-line silhouettes. Eveningwear. The 1930s. Verging-on-cutesiness. Sweetheart necklines. Prints. Things Jean-Paul Gaultier is known for: stripes. The 1980s. Exploring ideas of androgyny. Anything whatsoever to do with sailing and/or sailors. Eveningwear. Underwear-as-outerwear. Prints. I've scissored the looks from these collections into parcels of three; each slide is the work of a single designer. So let's guess our way through the collections! (I'm imagining you're all listening to dramatic music right now, to heighten the tension.)

This piped trenchcoat looks divine, but what I really want a look at is the green polka-dotted slip underneath it. The brown suede coat could be the perfect thing for slinging over a blouse and a pair of wide-legged pants; it seems like wearing it to the beach would be a sweaty endeavor (and that suit looks like a hodgepodge of Ed Hardy prints overlaid with a pink cowl). The pink printed floral dress is adorable. Is this page Posen or Gaultier?

This red leather jacket, at $199.99, is the most expensive item in this designer's Target collection. I kind of prefer the trompe l'oeil tuxedo bodysuit beneath it. The dress in the center? Perfection. But the tuxedo jacket in the last outfit is, I think, the real standout.

Is this page Posen or Gaultier?

Oh no! Here's another $200 motorcycle jacket, to unsettle our assumptions. The striped shirt dress looks like a winner for lounging, or the beach — though those tattoo print tights are a nightmare. The girlish cutesiness of that red gingham top really could have done without the matching bolero. Do we credit Gaultier for this partial success, or Posen?

Oh my! Three dresses with an identical silhouette. One of which appears to have been purchased from American Apparel. All of which come with ridiculous belts. Whose handiwork could this be?

A long evening dress in a bizarre print. A hot red swimsuit and beachy headscarf. And a wannabe-Yohji black dress tricked out with snap tape. This has to be Posen. Or could it be...Gaultier?

We have our first confirmed sighting of striped jersey. And that green slip appears to have been overlaid with an equally cute black lace dress with pintucks and a sweetheart neckline. What do you think: Gaultier or Posen?

A pretty yellow rain slicker with too-short sleeves. A shirt with "tie-dye print" insertion and a pussy bow at the neck. And a look, replete with chambray, that Six LeMeure would have worn proudly to Crestridge School for Girls in 1993. Is this your fault, Gaultier? What do you have to say for yourself, Posen?

Uh-oh. An anchor. That's kind of a dead giveaway. My love for that wildly impractical short-sleeved double-breasted pin-striped jacket is inversely related to my hatred for those tattoo tights.


Answers: Slide 1, Gaultier
Slide 2, Posen
Slide 3, Gaultier
Slide 4, Posen
Slide 5, Posen
Slide 6, Gaultier
Slide 7, Posen
Slide 8, Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target goes on sale on March 7; you'll have to wait until April 25 to see Zac Posen's GO! International line up close.

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