Shaunti Feldhahn, author of The Male Factor, wants women to know that wearing clothes that reveal part of your breasts are distracting to men at work. Shocking.

Feldhahn managed to leverage this no-brainer into an entire book and a quick segment on the Today show to discuss her findings. But, to spice things up (since who wants to listen to a woman talking about business?) Donny Deutsch is also onboard to MANsplain provide a male perspective on the issue.

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In sum:

  • Men look at you and see breasts
  • Men have to focus on looking at your face.
  • Women should not dress to tempt men. However, they should take care not to dress like a man.


Hopefully, this chapter isn't representative of Feldhahn's book. Even Cosmo gives better advice on "How To Stop Jerks At Work," without the strange "you're asking for it" undertones.

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