The DIC/InStyle's 9th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview at the Beverly Hills Hotel involved many diamonds, tons of stars, and some jaw-dropping sartorial choices. In other words: perfection.

Like Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon's mini pouf kimono? Me too: it's like a uniform for the slickest bakery in the world.

Actress Kirsten Prout demonstrates the never-popular dissolute urchin look, which can also double as an Epanine costume in community productions of Les Mis.

I like that Dianna Agron is doing vintage - and yet, she's demonstrating both the strengths and weaknesses of that choice.

Dania Ramirez knows you have to keep awards season interesting by shaking it up: hence, this secretary costume.

Amy Landecker demonstrates that three - no, four - wrongs don't make a right. Indeed, they make for a spectacularly bold and horrible wrong, almost triumphant.

Loving Natalie Zea's vivid sculptural choice - and it's also convenient if one needs a quick nap.

Minka Kelly: as pretty and girlish as a Texas belle. (Not to type-cast.)

Taraji P. Henson's frock could look sleeker, but we get it: awards season, and everyone needs a day of rest.

Ah! Weird matching shoe alert! Jenna Dewan, step away slowly.

I liked Ashley Greene's frock, then I noticed the transparent bodice. And then I didn't like it anymore. Good story, though.

Rachel Bilson can do very little wrong, sartorially-speaking. But when she does, apparently she does it at a fairy-themed Maid Cafe.

Alfre Woodard makes a good argument for structured bodices - unless, that is, you want everyone, animal, mineral and vegetable, gazing upon your bosom. In which case, go for it.

Lisa Edelstein demonstrates what we call "trophy wife in Vegas."

Maria Bello, as a certain Project Runway contestant might put it, mixes gritty and pretty.

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