• Psychologists have found that your level of spirituality varies according to who you are looking at. When shown pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex, both men and women described themselves as more religious than the control group.

Researchers speculate this may be caused by an unconscious desire to present oneself as a more desirable mate. • It's unclear, however, what happens to your spirituality when you view pictures of Sarah Palin with devil horns. • The UK-based arts group Artangel has introduced a new project that gives voice to lesbian asylum seekers living in London. Staying is the compilation of stories by anonymous women, including "Bin" who describes herself as a trash bin, discarded by her family and her home, raped and threatened with other "corrective" measures. Staying will go online later this month. • Stop the presses: female employees are actually valuable assets for a company. But women often think of leaving their jobs when the economy is bad, so Business Insider tells you how to keep 'em. Several companies have paved the way by instituting programs designed specifically to help further the careers of women workers. • Rick Warren has responded to Pat Robinson's comments on the earthquake in Haiti (he suggested it was caused by a "pact" with the devil) on Twitter: "Labeling any natural disaster as God's judgment is nonsense. True "judgment begins with God's family" 1Peter4:17, not others." • Congratulations, Katie Couric, winner of the Alfred I. duPont Award for her 2008 interview with Sarah Palin. Couric will receive the award for political journalism on Thursday, January 21st. • While I personally favor the Victorian-style dollhouses, this modernized miniature house is both beautiful and amazingly detailed. Creator Elaine Shaw explained, "I want to bring [the dollhouse] back into modern times and I think having modern day gadgets and appliances will make it appeal to more people." • Proposition 8 is costing San Francisco millions, says an economist, because unmarried gay couples have less disposable income and are more likely to lack health insurance. • Following Suri Cruise's lead, girls as young as 5 or 6 are now wearing high heels. One mom says, somewhat disturbingly, that "they've helped her daughter learn to walk like a lady." • Dieters in Sweden got a nasty scare during a weighing in at a Weight Watchers clinic when the floor collapsed underneath them. The 20 participants had gathered to measure the amount of weight they had lost when employees heard a loud thud and saw part of the room give way. Fortunately, no one was injured and they finished weighing everyone in a nearby room. •