On last night's episode, Tyler's father Butch dealt with both a domestic dispute and an arrest warrant. And although Butch disagreed with Tyler's decision to give his daughter up for adoption, his legal dramas suggested it was a wise decision.

Doesn't Butch remind you so much of Doug from Ghost World?

When Butch went to court for his warrant, it appeared as though he had cut off his mullet (top). However, after he was free on personal bond, the mullet returned, and it became evident that he tucks the hair in for special occasions.

Butch's vehement disapproval of his teenage son putting his child up for adoption never made much sense to most viewers, considering his history of being in prison more often than out of it. It's clear, from the stories of the teens on this show who chose to raise their children, that the grandparents are heavily involved, physically and financially. In fact, many of the teens almost expect it. Amber, for example, is trying to get her GED, and relies on her baby daddy's mother to watch her daughter while she's in class. When Amber learns that her child's grandmother has landed a job and can no longer babysit, she takes a total attitude with the poor woman.