Kim Kardashian's 30-second fragrance spot is being called "her second funniest video yet." Because of her sex tape, get it? Hilarious. But the truth is, there are a few strange things about the commercial:

1. The logo.
It looks like an I with wings. Or an monogram made of an M and an I. Or an insect. It looks like a lot of things. It doesn't look like "KK."

2. The concept.
She's sitting on a swing wearing feathers while jazz plays. Vanessa Paradis for Chanel, anyone? Sooo 1992. But you know what? That was a great commercial:

She was a literal songbird for a faux Coco. Genius! KK's version is meh.

3. The quickie Photoshop of Horrors.
We don't see KK's tummy in the moving video portion of the ad, only in this so-obviously-digitally-altered still. It's just kind of weird. Also, if you're going to touch things up, why leave in that tiny strip of black support bra in the cleavage?

4. Ashley Judd.
No, really: Why has KK been replaced by Ashley Judd from the 1998 Oscars? Look at this picture. Tell me it's not true.

5. "Voluptous."
While Merriam-Webster claims that "voluptuous" means "full of delight or pleasure to the senses," have you ever heard of a fragrance being described that way before?


AD WIZARDS: Kim Kardashian's Perfume Commercial Her Second-Funniest Video Yet [Best Week Ever]