The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards gala at Cipriani 42nd Street is one of the high-tone events of the awards season: serious actors and serious clothes. Well, except for Anna Kendrick's. And Wes Anderson's shoes. And Clooney.

One thing that kind of rocks about Caitlin Fitzgerald's getup - besides the fact that she looks nifty in that aggressively on-trend way- is that it serves as a none-too-subtle self-defense shield.

Morgan Freeman with a "guest" whom one presumes is not the notorious step-granddaughter? Anyway, he's doing "the Regis," possibly because Regis was on the premises.

Here's the real question: was Wes Anderson sporting these slippers prior to Fantastic Mr. Fox?

Amy Landecker is currently in A Serious Man, Coen Brothers' 60s extravaganza. Hence, perhaps, the classic choice of lace cocktail?

Speaking of classic vamp! Dig Vera Farmiga!

Kind of love the sheer oddness of President of the National Board of Review Annie Schulhof's Kate Hepburn-meets-Pierrot suiting.

The tireless Gabourey Sidibe: not my favorite of her gowns by any means, but hell, averaging ten events a week, a few get away from a gal.

Elisabetta Canalis knows it's all about accessories, and I don't just mean the perfect LBD.

Still deciding how I feel about Anna Kendrick's Neapolitan soft-serve. (Is that even a thing? I know it normally comes in a block, and soft-serve is usually two-tone at most.)

So, I was kinda underwhelmed by An Education, maybe because it was just too exactly like the source memoir. But I fell for Carey Mulligan like everyone else, and her combination of youthful chic and deer-in-the-headlights red carpet look is very beguiling.

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