Over at Feminsting, Jos posted some of the responses she received to her original post on clinic harassment. In sum, anti-choicers feel "poorly represented" - by their own words!

This kind of thing is only comic in the darkest sense of the word - you can't really think screaming about hellfire and brimstone is really going to bring a woman around into the welcoming arms of Christ, do you? But, as Jos points out, the anti-choice crew are either in denial or completely delusional:

The anti in the video from my post on the Louisville, KY clinic sent the Feministing crew an email to inform us, "I am saddened to see myself, my friends, and our God so misrepresented." Misrepresented? In an unedited video and transcript of your words? I'm sorry, but if those words and actions misrepresented you, your friends, and your God, I'm pretty sure I'm not the one responsible.

Apparently, clinic escorts are big meanies who are there to pick on the poor, helpless people trying to save women - unless you've actually been the target of said ire. I go to my local Planned Parenthood for my yearly exam, and 3 out of six years, I've been actively harassed by anti-choicers who want me to know I am going to hell for my pap smear. It makes me want to smuggle the little rake thing with my cervical cells on it out of the office and wave it in their faces.

Additional funny - another protester makes it seem like women are feeble-minded lemmings, marching to the drumbeat of feminism and our promises of two-for-one Tuesdays down at the clinic:

"We're trying to have them take the time to think about what they are doing," she said.

What antis say about their time spent harassing women outside clinics [Feministing]