Last night's premiere of Fantasia for Real featured the American Idol winner returning to her roots—reality TV—to get her career back on track after a series of setbacks. Heightening the drama are the adult siblings she's financially supporting.

Fantasia has been through a lot. Her second album was deemed a commercial flop, and the development of a tumor on her vocal cords caused her to miss 50 performances of The Color Purple, and led to a substantial amount of weight gain. Now, Fantasia has lost the excess pounds, is working on getting her GED, returning to Broadway, and putting out a new album. The stress of supporting her adult siblings—who don't have jobs, live with her, and for whom she buys cars—is beginning to get to her. Her Aunt Bunny, featured in this clip, (and is known as "the Madea of the family) has flown in for a visit to set Fantasia's sponging brother Teeny straight.

I hope Aunt Bunny sticks around to keep giving Teeny shit.