Bold words, you say? Well, just take a gander at Mariah, Marion Cotillard, Diablo Cody, Helen Mirren and their fancy friends frolicking at the Palm Springs Convention Center, and tell me you disagree:

Kind of loving Anna Kendrick's sweet, deb-worthy frock and dainty shoes. Let other people do slinky!

"You called?" says Mariah. However, she is preserving her modesty with what appears to be a teensy bolero.


As the possessor of one of the finest whiskey tenors in motion pictures today, Shohreh Aghdashloo has earned the right to wear as many sparkles as she wants. And she's taking full advantage.

Diablo Cody, subscribing to the "Fraulein Maria" school of play-clothes.


Someone had to do LBD. Tonight, Sharon Lawrence drew that card.

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren, ambassador of sleeves, does them proud.


Eva La Rue is learning the perils of slips under lights, a lesson some of us learned at the junior prom, of which we will say no more.

I hate the dismissive phrase "cute couple" which is just code for "I know nothing about these people," but seriously: Jason Reitman and wife Michele Lee? (Also: cute shoes!)


Marion Cotillard not only makes cage heels look dainty, she seems totally unconcerned about the possibility of her breast popping out of her dress. Now, that's sang-froid.


Mary Hart's dress looks like there should be a halter, and then there's no halter! It's a feat of engineering — and of styling — worthy of the minds at Mattel.

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